Christopher is the late father of the protagonist. He leaves behind his widowed wife Helena as well as his estranged son and namesake Christopher. He also has a sister, Lady Rossington, who resides in London. At the beginning of the game, he has been deceased for a year and a day, thus allowing his family to come out of mourning.

The circumstances behind his death do not appear to be surrounded in scandal. Mr Digby mentions in one case that his death was from a sudden illness.

Relationships Edit

Christopher appears to be missed by his family. The protagonist appears to have been close with her father, as she recalls walking in the Woods with him for many hours. She also remembers him being a very poor shot.

As a long-time resident of Darlington, Christopher was well-known in the town and had several old friends. Mr Worthington considered him his dearest friend and "almost brothers". Mr Earlwood also had a decades long friendship with Christopher.

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