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"...Harriet, sweet and gentle Harriet, her eyes warm, her smile small yet steady."
― Lady Lavender, Chapter 7

Harriet Earlwood is the second child of the Earlwoods and the younger sister of Miss Earlwood. She is a close friend and confidant of Miss Ellie Ashcroft. She resides in Dunnistone Manor and, like her siblings, was raised by Anna.


Harriet has a quiet personality resembling her mother Mrs Earlwood, however she is also a sincere and steadfast friend as shown in her relationship with Ellie.


  • Harriet shares a name with a major character in Jane Austen's Emma. However, her character in Regency Love seems to better resemble that of Maria Lucas, who is also the younger sister of the main character's best friend Charlotte Lucas. Like Harriet, Maria is a minor character who makes only brief appearances in Pride and Prejudice.