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Aubrey Charles Beaumont, the 7th Viscount Sutton is a wealthy landed peer. He lives alone and devotes much of his time to artistic pursuits, such as making and viewing paintings. He grew up with Mr Graham in Cambridgeshire, and remains his closest friend.

Lady Lavender[]

Lord Sutton is the main male protagonist in the spin-off romance novel Lady Lavender with Miss Ellie Ashcroft as the female protagonist. Ellie is the the sister of Mr Ashcroft, who in this universe is married to the protagonist. Lord Sutton falls in love with and eventually proposes to Ellie.


  • Lord Sutton's character most closely resembles Mr Darcy in Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice. They are both wealthy and prideful, and both initially repress their romantic feelings towards the main character. Both have close friendships with men who appear to be more optimistic and naive — Pride and Prejudice's Mr Bingley and Regency Love's Mr Graham.