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Miss Eleanor "Ellie" Frances Ashcroft is the younger sister of Mr Ashcroft and the half-sister of Richard Ashcroft. She resides at Thornleigh in Darlington and is skilled at painting. Her path in Regency Love involves themes of coming-of-age and independence.


Early Life[]

Miss Ashcroft was born as an orphan. Her childhood was plagued by multiple illnesses, and several instances where her life was in danger. This has led to overprotective tendencies in her older brother, whose fear for her wellbeing has led to her upbringing being more sheltered and confined than most.

Ellie has always had a close relationship with her half-brother Richard Ashcroft, with whom she is only several months apart, and was unable to understand why others treated him differently.

Meeting the protagonist[]

Ellie first meets the protagonist at Mr Mortimer's Haberdashery during a dispute with the owner's son over ruined lace. Initially, the young Miss Ashcroft has no friends outside of her brother's companions. With the encouragement of the protagonist, however, whom she gets to know over a series of teas, outings, picnics and dinners, she is able to overcome her fears at the haberdashery, and grow into a confident lady. Her transformation culminates at her coming out ball held in Darlington.

After coming out[]

In some endings, Miss Ashcroft remains close with the protagonist, and may even marry a gentleman at some point.

Lady Lavender[]

Ellie is the main female protagonist the spin-off romance novel Lady Lavender. She falls in love with Lord Sutton and eventually accepts his proposal. [1]


Ellie is described by those who know her as a sweet girl and a dear creature. However, her history of illness has also given her a pale and sickly countenance. Though her sheltered upbringing has made her shy and unskilled in social situations, her friendship with the protagonist allows her to grow into a more independent and assured young lady.


  • Miss Ashcroft's character resembles that of Georgiana in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Both ladies are younger sisters under the care of their attentive older brothers, who assume almost paternal responsibilities for their sibling.