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“Oh, how I would very much like to be married to a sensible man, raise sensible children, and have a sensible life. That is all I've ever wanted.”
― Miss Ingram to the protagonist in Home

Miss Phoebe Ingram is a childhood friend of the protagonist, along with Miss Earlwood and Mr Winslow and resides in Darlington. She must choose between marrying one of two potential suitors, Mr Brown and Mr Winslow.


Early Life[]

Phoebe grew up sharing nursery tales, picnics and dancing lessons with three childhood companions: the protagonist, Mary and Tom. One of her early memories involve dancing the cotillion with Tom in the gardens of Dunnistone Manor. She remains on close, first-name terms with her friends.

Relationship with Mr Winslow[]

Miss Ingram's tumultuous relationship with Tom intensifies after he returns from his trip abroad with his family, though it appears to have begun after his return from boarding school. Mr Winslow takes any opportunity to tease and taunt Phoebe, causing her to respond in anger and frustration. Their frequent rows are a common scene for the residents of Darlington and a source of disapproval from Mrs Norris. Unbeknownst to her, Tom's behaviour emerges out of his affection for Phoebe.

Miss Ingram's other suitor, Mr Brown of Norwich, is a foil for Tom's childish and excessive behaviour towards Phoebe. As a family friend who enjoys chess, Mr Brown is described as calm, dependable, respectful and respectable. He represents Miss Ingram's hope of living a moderately comfortable and secure life, which stands in contrast to Tom's unpredictable nature.

Depending on the protagonist's actions at the Winslow's ball, Phoebe receives a proposal from Tom either during a walk after a picnic, at an Earlwood ball in front of the guests, or in some other unspecified way. Taken by surprise, Phoebe rejects this initial proposal and receives comfort from her friends before receiving a second proposal from Mr Winslow.


The words of the protagonist will sway Miss Ingram to either accept Tom's second proposal or reject it and marry Mr Brown instead. In both cases Phoebe receives Tom's gifts of numerous ladies' hats and dresses.

The protagonist later observes the pair in town, much quieter in contrast to their frequent arguments. The pair are either content and walking side-by-side or sombre and standing far apart. If the former happens, the player will receive the Matchmaker achievement.


Miss Ingram has a ladylike demeanour, but can be timid and reserved in her feelings. She does not take well to being teased or provoked. Among her friends, she also appears to be the most prudent. This is reflected in her desire to lead a conventional and respectable life, in accordance with the social norms of a gentleman's daughter.