Mr Marcus Ashcroft is a reserved gentleman who resides at the estate of Thornleigh Abbey with his sister Miss Ashcroft. He is one of four marriageable suitors and has a considerable fortune.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Mr Ashcroft is the eldest son to the Ashcrofts. He remembers his mother as kind and gentle, but describes his father as negligent. At fifteen, his father passed away, leaving provisions for an illegitimate son, Richard.

When Mr Ashcroft's suspicions about his half-brother's lineage were confirmed, he disappeared for two months in a fit of rage. Mrs Ashcroft was taken ill after his departure and passed away shortly after Ellie's birth. His behaviour remains a source of much shame and regret.


Ellie and Richard Edit

Mr Ashcroft is the primary carer of his two siblings. Feelings of responsibility over his sister's frailty as a child have led him to be a highly devoted brother, taking on an almost paternal role over his siblings. Consequently, he does not indulge in many pleasures outside of his responsibilities to Ellie and Richard.

Protagonist Edit

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Character Edit

Mr Ashcroft has an calm and imposing presence, but still carries much regret at his behaviour leading up to his mother's death. Although restrained in social situations, he may reveal this anguish or lose his temper when his siblings come under threat. His determination to be unlike his negligent father have instilled a strong sense of duty in him.

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