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“Surely, my preference for solitude is not causing anyone harm.”
― Mr Curtis

Mr Demetrius J. Curtis is an aloof, middle-aged bachelor of independent means who recently relocated from his family estate in Yorkshire to Bradley House in Hertfordshire.

Having known Mr Worthington since his days at Oxford, he is frequently in his friend's company at the intimate gatherings hosted at Castoridge Court. This is where he first makes the acquaintance of the protagonist.

Mr Curtis believes all people should be able to receive an education. He is the anonymous proprietor and benefactor of the school at Lampton Hall, and commands the allegiance and respect its schoolmasters, as Mr Simmons mentions.


Relationship with the protagonist[]

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  • Mr Curtis bears similarities to Colonel Brandon in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Both characters are grave and aloof, have an appreciation for the arts and remain deeply affected by the strong feelings they held towards their now deceased love interests. Both characters, however, are also able to find love again. Physically, the character also resembles Alan Rickman, who plays Colonel Brandon in the 1995 film adaptation of the novel.