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“Yes, I remember the boy – vivacious and curious. There's been talk about his illegitimacy, but he has had all of a gentleman's upbringing that such things hardly matter.”
Mr Worthington to the protagonist in Castoridge Court

Ensign Richard Ashcroft is the half-brother of Marcus and Eleanor Ashcroft on his father's side. He serves in Colonel Watson's battalion in the 5th Regiment of Foot of the British Army. He is only several months older than Ellie, and is dearly loved by both of his siblings.


Early Life[]

Under the care of his half-brother, Richard had a gentleman's upbringing from childhood. Although he grew up close with his siblings, he was surrounded by whispers and gossip about him. After finding out about his illegitimate lineage, Richard maintained his relationship with Ellie, but grew more distant and formal with the elder Mr Ashcroft, though he still held a high degree of regard, gratitude and affection for him. Ellie mentions that his favourite dish is the rabbit stew cooked by Mrs Nancy.

Time in Darlington[]

Richard had been studying at Cambridge for a year before he arrived at Thornleigh Abbey under short notice, having found his studies dull and stifling. His presence in town caused many, such as the protagonist's motherMrs Norris and Mr Earlwood, to have reservations about the family and the protagonist's ongoing acquaintance with them. After some time however, the town comes to accept the young man and he is well-received at a ball that Mr Worthington hosts.

It is at the same ball where he meets Colonel Watson, and later decides to join the Regiment, a vocation he had long desired to go into, as he wished to fight for his country and learn the ways of the real world. This was initially a great source of contention between him and his half-brother. However, the family comes to accept his decision and Richard leaves with the Colonel and the rest of the militia into life as a soldier.

Life in the British Army[]

Richard enjoys the challenges of his new life in the military and grows close to his new comrades, including Mr Hammond. His regiment in stationed in the Colchester Garrison in Essex where he receives daily drills, training and performs other military duties.

In 1814, the 5th Foot, is called to serve in the under the 1st Brigade of the 3rd Division under the command of the Marquess of Wellington's Corps during the Peninsular War. Richard survives several battles including the Battle of Orthez and Battle of Toulouse which saw the agreement of a ceasefire upon Napoleon's abdication.