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The protagonist is the nameable main character in Regency Love. She resides at her home, a cottage, with her mother, Helena. Her father passed away a year ago. She also has an estranged brother who has not been heard from in years, and an aunt on her father's side who lives in London. Mrs Norris mentioned that she had additional siblings who did not survive past childhood.

The player decides the protagonist's full name at the beginning of the game. Her interactions with the other townspeople determine the bulk of her interest and her characteristics, although there are some details which remain constant. She is adept at archery, a skill she was able to demonstrate at a trip to the parks. Her mother mentions her fondness of strawberries to Mr Ashcroft at a Worthington ball.

Lady Lavender[]

In October 2019, Tea For Three Studios announced a spin-off romance novel which would feature Lord Sutton and Miss Ashcroft as the main protagonists. In this universe, the protagonist's name was formerly Miss Katherine (Kitty) Fairfield, becoming Mrs Marcus Ashcroft after she marries Mr Ashcroft.